Selected Work

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At long last, a mulitmodal webtext I began work on with my colleague, Ron Balthazor, in 2011 has been published! You can find it in the Fall 2015 issue of Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy.

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Portfolio Keeping and Portfolio Teaching, Third Editions are now available from Bedford/St. Martin's Press!

Recent review articles:

  • International Journal of ePortfolio: My review of and Katherine V. Wills and Rich Rice's edited collection, ePortfolio Performance Support Systems (2013), is available in Volume 5, Issue 1 (2015).
  • Journal of Language and Literacy Education, published by the Department of Language and Literacy Education in UGA's College of Education. I reviewed Paul Lynch's After Pedagogy (2013) for Volume 11, Issue 1 (Spring 2015).

I also write occasional posts for the University of Michigan Sweetland Center for Writing's Digital Rhetoric Collaborative. Check it out!

My work in writing pedagogy and assessment informs my research and I have been active in the fields of digital rhetoric and ePortfolio. I was a member of the UGA research team that participated in Cohort VI of the Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research from 2010-2013. We conducted research on e-portfolios from the First-Year Composition and Writing Certificate Programs to better understand how outcomes for written communication continue and change between first-year and capstone writing experiences. In March 2013, we presented and submitted our final report to I/NCEPR leaders Barbara Cambridge, Kathleen Blake Yancey, and Darren Cambridge, and other members of the Cohort, and are continuing to develop articles and further research questions from the project.

I was asked to join Nedra Reynolds on the third editions of Portfolio Keeping: A Guide for Students and Portfolio Teaching: A Guide for Instructors by editors at Bedford/St. Martin's press. These texts provide support and guidance for students, instructors, and administrators creating and using portfolios in a wide variety of courses and programs. The third editions draw on key scholarship in the dynamic field of portfolio pedagogy and assessment to provide practical guidance and support for teaching and learning with portfolios. Because of my interest in the intersection of writing, text, and technology, I was asked to speak at the 2012 Symposium on the Futures of the Book at UGA. I present regularly at the major international conferences on writing and digital media (Computers and Writing), rhetoric and composition (CCCC), and writing program administration (WPA).

I have work in progress for an upcoming edited collection on ePortfolios and for a critical-creative piece on technology and attention.