Witty Title Here: Talking Blog Genre Conventions in Writing for the Web

So, we’re starting our blog project in Writing for the Web today and we spent some time brainstorming conventions of the blog genre and the blog post form after a bit of discussion of reading that gave us some background on blogs, why to blog, and some issues related to blogging practices (hello, IP, everybody’s old friend!).

From our discussion of blog as a genre and the blog post form, here are some conventions we think are pretty established when it comes to blog writing:

  • Images are worth a thousand words (just keep that copyright stuff in mind!)
  • Posts are personal experience-based or opinion – there’s a POV
  • Listicles are common
  • Comments are welcome – let’s talk!
  • Visual design – keep it simple, stupid! Today’s web design aesthetic is pretty minimalist, so keeping with the trend can help you look credible
  • Stylistically, writing is pretty informal and post length is (usually) on the shorter side

What are we leaving out here? Add your thoughts in the comments!

Oh, when in doubt, add a meme!



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