Too Much, Too Fast, Too Many, Too Tired

Welp. I knew when I did it that there’d come a day when I was like, nope. Not gonna be able to do my homework. Gonna have to come up with some lame excuse that is going to totally damage my credibility. When I said I’d be doing this blog assignment along with the students in Writing for the Web, it was to keep me honest and now, here it is, only the 2nd blog post of the semester due and I am bailing. Lame. So lame.

Stressed LOLCat

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ReadWriteWeb (or, Shamelessly Borrowed Title)

Okay, my response to reading (re-reading, actually) the first couple of chapters of Naomi Baron’s Words Onscreen: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World is as follows:

Steve Jobs was a jerk.

“I refuse to contribute to the devaluation of the word genius” — Sheldon Cooper

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Written with the Body

I just hand-wrote a thank you note, something that has become increasingly difficult for me to do. No, not because I’m becoming less grateful for the kindnesses done toward me, or less conscious of the strict rules of etiquette I was raised with by my proper Southern mother and grandmother. I mean it has actually become increasingly hard for me to hand-write thank you notes (and notes of all kinds, really) in a literal, physical sense. The note card space is especially daunting to me as it is generally quite small and, thus, forces me to keep my script condensed, controlled. My hand rebels and my writing, though it tends to start off lovely and flowing, quickly becomes halting and error-ridden as I struggle to control the movement of the pen. I start a word and then “miss” a letter, going back to try to alter it as best I can without scratching out the word or throwing the pricey stationary card out altogether and starting over in frustration. The note card I just wrote on can’t be more than 4″x5″  on which I wrote probably 50 words, and yet my right hand now feels cramped and strained and I’m certain that when the recipient of it opens it, she will be unimpressed with the quality of my penmanship, perhaps even thinking that I scratched it off hurriedly and insincerely. Well, perhaps that last part is just me projecting my perfectionist fears, but still… Continue reading “Written with the Body”

Writing All Over the Place

Another two months go by without a new post. Alas. I’m learning that blogging is, for me, not turning out to be a daily (or even weekly or monthly) writing tool. I’ve been thinking a lot about this because I, for some reason, feel an inordinate amount of guilt for not blogging regularly. It’s like this blog sits here and taunts me, calling me out as a fake, a fraud, a writer who doesn’t write. It rebukes me, telling me that I don’t practice what I preach to my writing students when I tell them to write regularly, daily, to put that writing out there in public so that it becomes part of the swirl of conversation, of circulating discourse. But, I’ve realized something… Continue reading “Writing All Over the Place”