Avatar and a couple of dichotomies

As I surfed the Web on Christmas day (having nothing better to do than Web surf by a roaring fire while watching my cat play with the new toys from her stocking), I came across this editorial about James Cameron’s blockbuster, Avatar, by Adam Cohen in that day’s New York Times online and I tweeted it the next day so I’d have it bookmarked for some later reflection once I’d had the chance to see the movie (which I did the day after Christmas with my buddy Lance). It’s later now, I’ve seen the movie, and it’s time to reflect. I’m actually glad I haven’t gotten to this until now, actually, because David Brooks weighs in on Avatar in today’s NYT, and he’s raising some of the issues that Cohen’s piece brought up for me, so now I can bounce off both articles and try to weave together some of the threads that have been dangling loosely in my mind. Gotta love it when stuff connects. Curious yet? Continue reading “Avatar and a couple of dichotomies”