We Swim in the Stream: Kate Armstrong’s RSS Poetics, News Feeds, Twitter Streams

Kate Armstrong’s “Feeds and Streams: RSS Poetics,” originally published in a special issue of of The Capilano Review devoted to writing and technology, is available as part of a fascinating online reiteration/remix of that issue by Web artist and writer J.R. Carpenter.  In her essay, Armstrong proposes a new literary art that might arise from the steady streams of RSS feeds, Tweet streams, status updates, and headline aggregators that bombard us:

“How might an RSS feed produce new art and digital literature? The automatic delivery of text fragments can generate new patterns of reading that come to be interspersed with regular life.”

A poetics arising out of a constant, ever-changing stream of fragments? An art, a narrative, a poem that is ultimately and solely the product of an individual reader/writer’s parsing of bits and pieces of information, of text.

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Whose Text, Pt. II: More thoughts on remixing, revision, recursiveness

My thoughts in the last post I wrote ended up kind of truncated because I was rushing to finish the post and hadn’t really thought about how the Hemingway story I highlighted relates to some of the other issues I find myself dealing with on an almost daily basis in my work as a writing professional. So I want to take the time to explore some of those issues a bit further…

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Whose Text Is It Anyway? Of Editions and Remixes

Haven’t been able to write much this week due to a combination of out of town company (fun!) and car trouble (not at all fun). But last night I had a moment to scan through the NY Times just to catch up on what was going on. I always check out the Op-Ed page and the Letters to the Editor, one of my favorite parts of any newspaper. Yesterday, there was a letter in response to an article that the Times recently published that just got under my skin. I’ve been dwelling on it since last night, so it’s time to try to make these random thoughts a bit more coherent. Intrigued? Curious? Dying to know what got me so riled up?

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Get RIP(ped)!

Believe it or not, I got in a little “work” during the Athfest-ivities last weekend. Taking a break on Saturday afternoon from the crippling Georgia heat, I retreated to Cine, Athens’ cool (literally, thank the gods!)  independent movie theater, which was featuring a number of rock docs as part of the weekend’s events. I caught the free showing of RiP: A Remix Manifesto, a film by Brett Gaylor that takes a look at how the age of digital music has opened a can of copyright worms.

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