Been a book reviewing machine…

lately! I was invited recently by two journals (both of which have homes here at the University of Georgia) to review books for upcoming issues and those reviews are now published.

The first is for the International Journal of ePortfolio, (whose co-Executive Editor is UGA’s Center for Teaching and Learning Director, Eddie Watson) and on which I serve as a reviewer. My review of and Katherine V. Wills and Rich Rice’s edited collection, ePortfolio Performance Support Systems (2013), is available in Volume 5, Issue 1 (2015).

The second is for the Journal of Language and Literacy Education, published by the Department of Language and Literacy Education in UGA’s College of Education. I reviewed Paul Lynch’s After Pedagogy for Volume 11, Issue 1 (Spring 2015).

I really enjoyed reading and thinking about both these texts and I can already see the way some of the ideas from both are working their way into my teaching and research interests. And, bonus, I was asked by IJeP to use a revision table in making my manuscript revisions per the reviewer’s comments and suggestions, and that technique is one I brought into my technical and professional writing classroom this semester. I think it was extremely effective in helping students identify and articulate specific actionable revisions from my feedback and then taking action on each item. Will be using revision tables more often in my own classes!

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